Field Strip­ping and Clean­ing

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Your firearm is a me­chan­i­cal de­vice and it needs to be cleaned and lu­bri­cated pe­ri­od­i­cally. The HK VP40 Tac­ti­cal should al­ways be field-stripped prior to clean­ing. Never clean a hand­gun from the muz­zle end.

The VP40 Tac­ti­cal’s dis­as­sem­bly is safer than that of many striker-fired guns. The trig­ger does not need to be pulled in or­der to field strip the gun. The take­down lever will not ro­tate to the un­locked po­si­tion if there is a mag­a­zine in the gun or if the slide is not locked back. Ro­tat­ing the take­down lever also de-cocks the fir­ing pin if it is in the cocked po­si­tion. Pro­ceed with dis­as­sem­bly by fol­low­ing the di­rec­tions pro­vided in Sec­tion 6 (this sec­tion was not la­beled prop­erly) of the op­er­a­tor’s man­ual pro­vided with the pis­tol. Clean­ing and lu­bri­ca­tion is de­scribed in Sec­tion 7.

Don’t for­get to per­form the “Func­tion Check” de­scribed on page 24 of the Op­er­a­tor’s Man­ual af­ter re-as­sem­bling the VP40 Tac­ti­cal. If your VP40 Tac­ti­cal is go­ing to be used for self-defense, I al­ways rec­om­mend fir­ing at least five rounds through it af­ter clean­ing just to make sure that the pis­tol func­tions prop­erly.

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