Locked Up

Firearm Vaults Worth A Closer Look


What is your def­i­ni­tion of a “man cave”? To some, it’s a den or ex­tra bed­room that is decked out with wall-towall sports para­pher­na­lia, a comfy sofa and a gi­ant top-of-the-line TV with com­ple­ment­ing sur­round sound sys­tem.

To oth­ers, it might en­com­pass an en­tire base­ment com­plete with all of the above and a full bar and pool ta­ble. While the afore­men­tioned are cer­tainly bonafide man caves in our book, there are some who feel a need to take the con­cept up a few notches.

Meet Mr. X. (In case you couldn’t tell, the name was made up as Mr. X wishes to re­main anony­mous.) Mr. X loves the finer things in life. Among other things, he’s got a pas­sion for cars, top-shelf al­co­hol and of course, guns. We were for­tu­nate to be granted ac­cess to share with you the largest man cave that we’ve cov­ered in Locked Up so far.

We’d call it a “man fa­cil­ity” over a cave, re­ally. It is housed in an ap­prox­i­mately 4,000 square foot loft-style struc­ture com­plete with sec­ond floor mez­za­nine, dou­ble height ceil­ings and an in­dus­trial roll-up door. Why would you need a 13-foot-tall roll-up door? To bring in your col­lec­tion of clas­sic and mod­ern BMWS of course. Some of the cars were in the process of restora­tion, but as we ob­served, all were im­mac­u­late in­side

and out. Even with a wall of dou­ble-stacked cars, we’re told that this is only a por­tion of Mr. X’s au­to­mo­bile col­lec­tion; color us im­pressed.

As we fur­ther ven­tured deeper into the fa­cil­ity, we dis­cov­ered a stocked bar and a sit­ting area com­plete with big screen tele­vi­sion and plenty of plush leather seat­ing. Judg­ing from the cars, as well as the art­work, cus­tom pin­striped cab­i­nets and Snap-on tool chests that were sit­u­ated through­out the place, we got the dis­tinct feel­ing that Mr. X has a re­fined taste and a great ap­pre­ci­a­tion for the arts.

Look­ing around at the walls, we could also tell that he has a great ap­pre­ci­a­tion for fine firearms as well. We im­me­di­ately no­ticed wall dis­plays show­cas­ing ri­fles such as an HK 416 D and FNH SCAR 17S. As we ex­am­ined the dis­plays, we were told that they were made by a com­pany by the name of Mag­nus Cus­tom USA (mag­nus­cus­to­musa.com).

The Mag­nus Cus­tom dis­play is called Mag­nalock Pre­sen­ta­tion Sys­tem and it con­sists of a flat panel that is di­rectly hung on the wall and ac­com­pa­ny­ing fix­tures that are com­pletely con­fig­urable thanks to the use of rare earth mag­nets that keep the fix­tures in a grid pattern. There is no need to make sure the fix­ture is placed straight; the mag­netic grid will do that on its own. Each fix­ture “snaps” into place and cen­ters it­self on the grid. It’s a pretty cool setup. The pan­els are avail­able in dif­fer­ent ma­te­ri­als as well as colors to com­ple­ment any room.

Else­where, a slid­ing closet door re­veals a cus­tom pin­striped safe. Of course, we just had to take a look in­side of it. In­side the safe, we spot­ted an M203 grenade launcher of all things amongst Mr. X’s lux­ury watch col­lec­tion and trays of poker chips. We’ll leave the rest of the safe’s con­tents to you to name. How many more firearms can you iden­tify? Af­ter an en­tire af­ter­noon in Mr. X’s “man fa­cil­ity,” we left in­spired to work on our own (much smaller) man cave.

“Even with a wall of dou­ble stacked cars, we’re told that this is only a por­tion of Mr. X’s au­to­mo­bile col­lec­tion...”

Above: The man likes his clas­sics. This is only a small por­tion of his car col­lec­tion. We es­pe­cially liked the wood topped cus­tom painted Snap-on tool chest, turned work bench. A wood mo­tif Mag­nus Cus­tom wall dis­play com­ple­ments the wood­stocked col­lec­tion.

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