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“Done be­fore you know it. now go out and spread some morale!”

1 Af­ter you’ve se­lected your de­sign, you’ll want to print it out us­ing a laser prin­ter onto a sheet of pa­per. Plain old copy pa­per will do. Be sure that the de­sign is printed in re­verse. This is im­por­tant, oth­er­wise your de­sign will come out back­wards. The prin­ter’s pref­er­ences should al­low you to do this.

2 Cut the de­sign out of the pa­per. You don’t need to cut it to the fi­nal shape of your patch just yet; we’ll get to that a few steps later. For now, a gen­eral shape is fine.

3 Us­ing a sponge brush, coat the printed de­sign with the Mod Podge Photo Trans­fer Medium paste evenly and gen­er­ously. Be sure that you cover the im­age com­pletely.

4 Place the piece of felt, which is used as the patch’s back­ing, di­rectly onto the paste. Be sure to press out any wrin­kles and to do this while the paste is still wet. Pat down on the felt to make sure the pa­per and felt are com­pletely mak­ing con­tact.

You can flip it over and press on the pa­per side as well. Blot away ex­cess paste with a damp cloth. 5 Al­low the Mod Podge to dry for a good 24 hours or longer if you’re in a hu­mid area. Af­ter it’s dry, wet the pa­per with wa­ter so that it’s wet. Let the wa­ter soak in a minute or two to soften up the pa­per.

6 By now, the Mod Podge has trans­ferred your laser print­out onto the felt back­ing. Us­ing your fin­ger, gen­tly rub all of the wet pa­per off. As the pa­per is re­moved, you’ll be­gin to see your patch take shape. Re-wet the pa­per as needed to help fur­ther soften it up as you con­tinue to rub it off.

7 Ap­ply the ad­he­sive-backed Vel­cro to the re­verse side of the felt back­ing. There are sev­eral va­ri­eties of Vel­cro on the mar­ket; for this demon­stra­tion, we are us­ing Vel­cro’s “Sticky Back for Fab­rics” ver­sion.

8 Trim the patch to fit your de­sign’s fi­nal de­sired shape and you’re done. You’ve now learned how to make your own cus­tom morale patch. Now go out and spread some morale!

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