18 ATN X-sight II HD 5-20x

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At a bil­lion cy­cles per sec­ond, the ATN ob­sid­ian core is a highly spe­cial­ized com­puter that is de­signed to run a suite of sen­sors and crunch huge files. It of­fers lots of cus­tomiza­tion to make the ATN X-sight II fit your needs. For ex­am­ple, the re­coil ac­ti­vated video (RAV) fea­ture: When you set your video record to RAV, the sys­tem buf­fers ev­ery­thing your scope sees. As the trig­ger is pulled, a full video is recorded of what you saw be­fore the shot was taken, the mo­ment of, and as much video after­ward as you want. Once con­nected to the app via wi-fi, you can open the gallery and play back your lat­est ad­ven­tures. SPEC­I­FI­CA­TIONS OB­JEC­TIVE LENS: 85mm BAT­TERY LIFE: 8 hours (Li-ion) EYE RE­LIEF: 65mm MAG­NI­FI­CA­TION: 5-20x FIELD OF VIEW AT 1,000 YARDS: 240 feet

OVER­ALL DI­MEN­SIONS: 11.36 x 3.5 x 3.45 inches

WEAPON MOUNT: Pi­catinny quick-re­lease mount (in­ter­change­able)

WEIGHT: 2.55 pounds


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