Kid-friendly lion sand­wich

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Wel­come to the Jun­gle Lion Sand­wich

3 slices 100% whole-wheat

sand­wich bread, di­vided

2 slices deli turkey

3 slices white ched­dar cheese, di­vided 1⁄2 cup shred­ded car­rots

16 flaxseeds

1 round slice cu­cum­ber, halved 1 small black olive, sliced

1⁄2 bunch fresh dill

1 Sand­wich turkey and 1 cheese slice be­tween 2 bread slices. With sharp par­ing knife, cut out 4"-wide half-moon shape for body. Us­ing 2" round cookie cut­ter, cut out cir­cle for head. Cut a thin 3" piece along bot­tom crust of re­main­ing bread slice for tail; top 3" slices from cor­ners for arms.

2 Place body with straight edge at bot­tom of plate; ar­range arms on body. Place head on top of body; place tail. Spread car­rots around head for lion mane.

3 Us­ing 1" round cut­ter, cut 4 cir­cles from 1 cheese slice. Tuck 2 un­der head for ears; place 2 on head for cheeks. Cut 3 small pieces from re­main­ing cheese slice; place for tail tip, chin and paws.

4 Ar­range 3 flaxseeds on each cheek for whiskers; stick 5 flaxseeds into each cheese paw to cre­ate claws. Ar­range cu­cum­ber halves and 2 olive slices above cheeks for eyes. Place black olive end for nose. Ar­range fresh dill un­der lion feet for grass. Gar­nish top of plate with cheese clouds and sun, if de­sired.

Ac­tive time: 10 min. To­tal time: 10 min. Makes: 1

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