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First For Women - - Feel-Good File -

Here at Snack Spy HQ, we al­ways keep an as­sort­ment of chips and pop­corn on hand to power us through stress­ful after­noons—the carbs give us a quick hit of en­ergy while the crunch in­stantly eases ten­sion. So when a nu­tri­tion­ist men­tioned that snacks made with co­conut oil could also speed slim­ming, we were in­trigued. Turns out, the medium-chain triglyc­erides in co­conut oil prod the thy­roid to pro­duce more me­tab­o­lism-revving hor­mones—an ef­fect shown to help women burn an ex­tra 190 calo­ries per day. That’s a perk we need to cash in on, so we took an­other trip down the snack aisle and came up with some de­li­cious of­fer­ings made with co­conut oil. Score!

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