Younger eyes in a blink

Our eyes are the top give­away of our age. In stud­ies, peo­ple who were asked to gauge a stranger’s age re­lied on the eye area for clues. “Re­verse signs of aging around your eyes and your whole face will look more youth­ful,” says Bev­erly Hills der­ma­tol­o­gist

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Dark cir­cles? Try al­mond oil

Shad­ows ap­pear when blood pools and shows through the thin skin un­der the eyes—and that skin gets thin­ner with ev­ery birth­day, mak­ing dark cir­cles more vis­i­ble. Dr. Sham­ban’s ad­vice? Reach for al­mond oil. Its vi­ta­min K boosts blood flow to thwart pool­ing, and as a bonus, its vi­ta­min A in­creases col­la­gen pro­duc­tion to firm skin and re­duce crow’s-feet. Sim­ply dip a cot­ton swab in the oil (like Aura Ca­cia Sweet Al­mond Skin Care Oil, $6 for 4 oz., Au­raCa­ and ap­ply to cir­cles twice a day for re­sults in three weeks.

Puffy bags? Try a pro­tein serum

As skin around the eyes loses elas­tic­ity with age, there’s more room for fluid to gather, re­sult­ing in bags. The in­stant fix: al­bu­min serum. “Al­bu­min is a pro­tein that tem­po­rary tight­ens skin as it dries,” says Dr. Sham­ban. Just mas­sage a pea-size drop (like Sud­den Change Un­der-Eye Firm­ing Serum, $14 for 7 ml, Wal­ un­der eyes for re­sults that last up to four hours. And to ward off bags in the fu­ture, use the serum in com­bi­na­tion with a retinol eye cream. Stud­ies show retinol tight­ens skin by 36 per­cent in eight weeks.

Un­der-eye hol­lows?

Try fillers That hol­lowed-out look sets in when fat pads that line the eyes start to thin and droop. “The best way to re­store vol­ume in this area is to opt for fillers,” says New York City plas­tic sur­geon Joshua Zuck­er­man, M.D. The new­est ver­sion: Ju­vé­derm Vol­lure XC. This in­jectable gel is made with hyaluronic acid, which has been shown to re­store vol­ume while in­creas­ing skin firm­ness. One treat­ment costs $700 on av­er­age and works in­stantly to fill in un­der-eye hol­lows, with re­sults last­ing 12 to 24 months.

For a low-cost at-home al­ter­na­tive, con­sider an eye cream con­tain­ing hyaluronic acid (like Neu­tro­gena Hy­dro Boost Gel-Cream Eye, $20 for .5 oz., In ad­di­tion to restor­ing mois­ture to the del­i­cate eye area to plump up skin, twicedaily ap­pli­ca­tion has been shown to in­crease skin firm­ness and elas­tic­ity by 55 per­cent within eight weeks.

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