“I dropped from a size 16 to a size 0!”

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Melissa Le Roy stood in her closet and sur­veyed the col­lec­tion of sizes she’d amassed over the years. Then, next to her cur­rent size 16s, she hung a new dress with a 4 on the tag. Tak­ing a deep breath, she vowed, By this time next year, it’s go­ing to fit!

Melissa had sought help from doc­tors for her weight gain and chronic pain. She ended up with nine pre­scrip­tions—but no an­swers.“I ate well and was ac­tive. I knew some­thing wasn’t right,” Melissa re­calls. Thank­fully, she vis­ited Joseph Pi­cone, D.C., who di­ag­nosed an over­growth of bad gut bugs and in­flam­ma­tion and rec­om­mended en­zyme ther­apy.

Melissa be­gan tak­ing Ser­raZyme enzymes to de­stroy biofilm, cut­ting su­gar and eat­ing pro­bi­otic-rich foods to elim­i­nate bad bugs. The first week, she eas­ily shed 6 pounds!

Melissa is now a nu­tri­tion coach, shar­ing menus on her blog OnFireHeal­ing.WordPress.com. “Women come to my of­fice and think, She’s go­ing to help me lose weight? But then I pull out my old photo and they can’t be­lieve I was 100 pounds heav­ier.”

She tells them,

“The ben­e­fits of di­ges­tive enzymes are lim­it­less. They changed my life and saved my life.”

As for that size 4 dress in her closet:

It was too big for

Melissa just 10 months after she set her weight­loss goal!

THEN: 220 lbs Melissa


93 lbs! Melissa Le Roy, 42, Saluda, NC Height: 5'8"

NOW: 127 lbs

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