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Fol­low­ing this plan for six weeks will break up biofilms and sup­port the growth of good bacteria, which will make it eas­ier to keep biofilms at bay. Cook says you can re­peat the pro­to­col once or twice a year for a week to tar­get any newly formed biofilms. And to re­ally en­sure that biofilms can’t take root, con­sider cut­ting su­gar (ex­cept manuka honey) and pro­cessed foods. “When you eat su­gar and pro­cessed foods, you feed the bad bacteria so they can grow stronger and form biofilms,” says Cook. An­other smart move? Sea­son­ing meals with onions and gar­lic. “They’re among Mother Na­ture’s great­est weapons against biofilms,” she says. “They’ll keep bad mi­crobes in check.”

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