Help for a fatty liver

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High lev­els of the amino acid ho­mo­cys­teine could lead to fatty liver, and the fa­tigue and ex­tra pounds it causes, say sci­en­tists in the Nu­tri­tion Jour­nal. In a re­view of 7,203 adults, peo­ple with the high­est blood lev­els of ho­mo­cys­teine were 208 per­cent more likely to have fatty liver than those with the low­est. The au­thors say ho­mo­cys­teine causes in­flam­ma­tion and ox­ida­tive stress, trig­ger­ing fat stor­age in the liver. If a blood test re­veals high ho­mo­cys­teine lev­els, ask your doc­tor about sup­ple­ment­ing with B vi­ta­mins, which con­vert the amino acid into help­ful sub­stances. Try: Na­ture’s Way Alive! B-Com­plex Gum­mies, $10 for 60,

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