Proof: sleep revs brain­power

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We of­ten think of sleep as an “off switch” for the brain, but a study from Johns Hop­kins Medicine shows the brain doesn’t rest, it re­sets. In an an­i­mal study, lev­els of pro­teins that re­cal­i­brate, or re­set, con­nec­tions be­tween brain cells were 250 per­cent higher when mice were asleep. As a re­sult, mice that got enough sleep did 3 times bet­ter on a mem­ory task. The au­thors say brain cells cru­cial for learn­ing and mem­ory can only store so much be­fore they need a re­set, and that get­ting enough sleep en­sures me­mories are prop­erly stored.

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