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PRICEY PRO­CE­DURE: Rhino­plasty

Nose jobs rank in the top five plas­tic surgery pro­ce­dures for women over 40, with most women aim­ing to re­shape or re­size the nose to cor­rect a bump, crooked­ness or droopy nasal tip. But the cost is sig­nif­i­cant at $3,500 to $9,000, and the down­sides can be ma­jor: The surgery can cause in­tense swelling and bruis­ing—plus, it can take up to a year to fully heal and see com­plete results.

AT-HOME HERO: High­light­ing and con­tour­ing

“A two-step makeup tech­nique can help the nose look slim­mer and more sym­met­ri­cal,” prom­ises celebrity makeup artist Michelle Quar­anta. Her sim­ple how-to: Us­ing a dual high­light and con­tour stick (we like NYX Cos­met­ics Won­der Stick, $12, avail­able in 4 shades,, take the bronze shade and draw a line on both sides of the nose, start­ing at the in­ner cor­ners of the eyes at the bridge down to the nos­trils; blend out with fin­gers or a makeup sponge. “This cre­ates a slim­ming shadow that causes the sides of the nose to re­cede for a more nar­row ap­pear­ance,” Quar­anta ex­plains. Next, use the high­lighter side of the makeup stick to sketch a line down the cen­ter of the nose and blend. This will draw fo­cus to the thinnest part of the nose. Set with translu­cent pow­der.

Kate Mid­dle­ton

SMART STAT FIT FOR A QUEEN Kate has a 106-de­gree nasal tip ro­ta­tion, which is a “math­e­mat­i­cally per­fect” nose. No won­der it’s the most re­quested by women get­ting nose jobs!

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