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Avoid­ing harm­ful lectins can make weight loss ef­fort­less. For the fastest results, trade high­lectin staples for these foods— they’re all low in lectins and rich in fat-fight­ing nu­tri­ents!

Cut­ting back on meat?

Soy delivers amino acids that switch on detox en­zymes to help the body flush 50 per­cent more tox­ins— but at least 93 per­cent of soy in Amer­ica is ge­net­i­cally mod­i­fied. In­stead, switch to tem­peh, a fermented soy prod­uct. Fer­men­ta­tion breaks down lectins to make this a bet­ter bet.

Try­ing to eat more fish?

Omega-3–rich fish is a healthy diet sta­ple, but farmed fish (even those la­beled or­ganic) of­ten eat GMO feed and end up with high lev­els of harm­ful lectins. Wild­caught va­ri­eties, though, never eat feed, so they don’t con­tain the fat­pack­ing lectins.

Love pasta?

Whole-wheat pasta can be healthy, but most brands con­tain GMO wheat, which is high in harm­ful lectins. Shi­rataki noo­dles ($3 for 2 serv­ings, su­per­mar­kets), on the other hand, have no lectins and pro­vide a dose of re­sis­tant starch, which feeds lectin-ban­ish­ing gut bugs.

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