Lower BP + halt headaches

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A daily 10-minute foot rub can re­duce blood pres­sure by 5 points in 8 weeks, report sci­en­tists in PLOS ONE. Foot mas­sage stim­u­lates acu­pres­sure points that sig­nal blood ves­sels to stay re­laxed, ex­plains study coau­thor Eri Eguchi, Ph.D. Mas­sage also low­ers the pro­duc­tion of pain-trig­ger­ing cor­ti­sol—an ef­fect that pre­vents ten­sion headaches for 84 per­cent of women, say Canadian sci­en­tists. To do: Start with a firm, allover foot rub, then gen­tly squeeze and roll each toe, mov­ing from base to tip.

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