A beau­ti­ful res­cue

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“A few months ago we moved into our new home, which is sur­rounded by acres of woods. Each evening, I’d catch sight of one beau­ti­ful white­tailed doe that would graze along the tree line in our back­yard. I held my breath each time she came into our grass and I’d tip­toe off my back porch, whis­per­ing to her how beau­ti­ful she was. See­ing her al­ways calmed my spirit, but she usu­ally got skit­tish af­ter a few min­utes and would dart off into the thicket of trees.

“On a re­cent Sun­day af­ter­noon, I took my cam­era and went for a walk in the woods around our new home. I got so caught up in all the beauty around me that I soon found my­self lost with no trail in sight. I pat­ted my jeans pocket, but with a ris­ing sense of fear, I re­al­ized I’d left my cell phone back at the house. As the sun be­gan to sink and I felt a chill in the air, I started to panic.

“Sud­denly, a beau­ti­ful white-tailed doe came into the clear­ing. She started to walk, then paused and turned back to look at me. I think this is the doe from

my yard! I thought, as I be­gan fol­low­ing her.

“Af­ter 10 min­utes of walk­ing, I saw a break in the trees—there, in the dis­tance, was my house.

I stood frozen, in ab­so­lute awe as the doe and I gazed at each other. She blinked, then darted off, as if her mis­sion were com­plete. My eyes filled with tears of grat­i­tude, know­ing I’d made a very special friend.”

—Bette Chen, 46, Port­land, ME

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