The slim­ming ef­fect of sta­ble blood sugar lev­els

The link be­tween sugar con­sump­tion and in­creased body fat has long been known. Too much sugar in the diet pro­motes more in­sulin, the fat stor­ing hor­mone, and thus more body fat.

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Re­cently an Ital­ian study of a sugar-block­ing sup­ple­ment showed sig­nif­i­cant weight loss re­sults.1 The sup­ple­ment, called Zuc­car­inTM, pro­duced on av­er­age 20 pounds of weight loss, in the

90 day study. The sub­jects lost 10% of their body weight and lost 3 times the weight of the con­trol group, who were also on a 1300 calo­rie con­trolled diet, but not tak­ing the Zuc­carin sup­ple­ment. In ad­di­tion, the sub­jects also ex­pe­ri­enced health­ier blood sugar lev­els af­ter us­ing Zuc­carin. The ex­pla­na­tion for the weight loss is that Zuc­carin uses mul­berry leaf ex­tract and chromium to pro­mote healthy blood sugar lev­els. Mul­berry leaf has shown to re­duce the ab­sorp­tion of sug­ars in the foods we eat. When these sug­ars are undi­gested, our blood sugar sta­bi­lizes and, ac­cord­ing to ex­perts, weight loss can oc­cur. 1- ‘‘White Mul­berry Sup­ple­ment as Ad­ju­vant Treat­ment of Obe­sity”, Jour­nal of Bi­o­log­i­cal Reg­u­la­tors and Homeo­stat­ics Agents., Vol 28, no.1, 2014.

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