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“My daugh­ter, Neena, and I are so close—we’ve al­ways shared an ex­tra-spe­cial bond that made us not only mother and daugh­ter but best friends. So when she and her hus­band moved cross-coun­try to Colorado for his job, it ab­so­lutely gut­ted me.

The thought that I couldn’t feel her near me any­more, look into her eyes and know when she needed me was dev­as­tat­ing. ‘Mom, we can talk all the time over text and Face­Time,’ she had said hap­pily. But the more we texted in­stead of hugged, the more dis­con­nected I felt.

“One day while win­dow shop­ping at the mall, I passed a kids’ cloth­ing store. I had walked by 100 times be­fore and never been in­side. With no grand­chil­dren of my own, it wasn’t a store I would nor­mally fre­quent, but that day I had the most pow­er­ful urge to pop in and look at baby girl dresses and booties.

“My heart soared as I browsed and I felt an un­ex­plain­able need to call

Neena. Be­fore she could say any­thing, I blurted,

‘You’re preg­nant, aren’t you?’ Sur­prised, she gushed, ‘Yes! How did you know? I just left the doc­tor’s of­fice and I haven’t told any­one yet!’ Over­joyed, I did a happy lit­tle dance, draw­ing stares from shop­pers.

“‘Mom, do you think it’s a boy or girl?’ she asked, bub­bling over. I glanced at the frilly lit­tle dress in my hand and an­swered, ‘I’d bet on pink.’”

—Adri­enne Lang, 51, Manch­ester, NH

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