Re­lief for back pain

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Yoga can ease chronic lower-back pain, say sci­en­tists in the An­nals of In­ter­nal Medicine. In a study of 320 peo­ple, those who did weekly yoga ses­sions im­proved their func­tion scores by 26 per­cent and low­ered pain by 24 per­cent in 12 weeks—re­sults that were as ef­fec­tive as phys­i­cal ther­apy. What’s more, both groups main­tained those im­prove­ments for a year. The au­thors say yoga stretches and strength­ens mus­cles in the lower back, hips and ham­strings to re­duce pain. A DVD that can help you learn the moves: BodyWis­dom Yoga for Be­gin­ners, $11, Ama­

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