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Kathie Lee cred­its her 24-year-old daugh­ter, Cassidy, with keep­ing her up-to-date on the lat­est beauty and well­ness trends. “Any­time I have Cassidy around me, she says, ‘Mom, let’s go do this’ or ‘Let’s go do that.’ It’s just so dag­gone fun,” says Kathie Lee. “I love to hang out with Cassidy, so any­thing she wants to do, I’m happy to do it with her.”

Of­ten, that “any­thing goes” out­look means try­ing out some wacky treat­ments. “One thing we just started do­ing is get­ting vi­ta­min drips,” says Kathie Lee. “You get an IV, but it’s a vi­ta­min drip. They ask you what things are go­ing on in your life and add nu­tri­ents into it, so it’s this very healthy cock­tail that goes di­rectly into your blood­stream. I re­ally liked it. You feel very, very re­vi­tal­ized. I’ve done it twice now in two weeks.”

An­other fa­vorite dis­cov­ery: “Cassidy got me on th­ese hair-care bears,” says Kathie Lee of Su­garBearHair vi­ta­mins (Su­garBearHair.com and Ama­zon.com). Kathie Lee with her daugh­ter, Cassidy

“They’re th­ese adorable lit­tle blue gummy vi­ta­mins. I give them to all my friends now.”

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