10 bril­liant uses for corn­starch

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1 Clump-proof marsh­mal­lows

The dessert you’re mak­ing for the church bake sale calls for marsh­mal­lows, but they’re all fused to­gether in­side the bag. The fix: Add 1 tsp. of corn­starch to the bag and shake well. The corn­starch will ab­sorb the ex­tra mois­ture in the bag that causes the marsh­mal­lows to stick to­gether (with­out af­fect­ing the taste), so the pieces can eas­ily be sep­a­rated.

2 Un­cover ra­di­ant skin—for pen­nies

Re­veal a glow­ing com­plex­ion with a two-in­gre­di­ent face mask: Mix 1 tsp. of corn­starch with 1 egg white and beat un­til thick­ened. Rub the mix­ture on your face and let it sit for 15 min­utes, then rinse well. The corn­starch will draw oils and dirt out of skin and the as­trin­gent egg white will shrink pores.

3 Lift blood­stains from fab­ric

Your hus­band nicked him­self shav­ing, which left be­hind a stain on the col­lar of his shirt. To elim­i­nate the spot for good, com­bine equal parts corn­starch and water to cre­ate a paste, then gen­tly rub it all over the stain. Let dry, then laun­der the shirt as usual. The corn­starch gran­ules will ab­sorb the blood par­ti­cles in the fab­ric so they don’t set per­ma­nently.

4 Get a mir­ror sparkling in no time

You fi­nally found time to give the house a thor­ough clean­ing when you re­al­ize you’re all out of glass cleaner. The DIY so­lu­tion that works just as well: Fill a bucket with 1⁄2 gal­lon of water, 1 tsp. of corn­starch and 1 tsp. of liq­uid dish soap. Then dip a wash­cloth in the mix­ture and use it to wipe down the mir­ror. The dish soap will cut through dirt and grime and the corn­starch will ab­sorb the residue that causes streaks.

5 Outsmart new­shoe blis­ters

New pumps left you with a blis­ter? Next time you wear them, rub corn­starch on the spot where your foot chafed against the shoe. The pow­der cre­ates a bar­rier be­tween your foot and the shoe to nix blis­ter-caus­ing fric­tion.

6 Res­cue a scorched shirt

The phone rang while you were iron­ing and you got dis­tracted and burned your fa­vorite blouse. The fix: Wet the spot im­me­di­ately, cover it with corn­starch and let dry. Poly­mers in the pantry sta­ple will bond with the car­bon par­ti­cles in the burn mark so they can’t set­tle into the fab­ric.

7 Make your own de­odor­ant

In­stead of splurg­ing on chem­i­cal-free de­odor­ants, try mak­ing your own— for less. To do: Com­bine 2 Tbs. of corn­starch and 1 cup of bak­ing soda in an air­tight con­tainer. (Op­tional: Add a few drops of essen­tial oil for a fresh scent.) Dampen your skin, then use a clean makeup brush to ap­ply the alu­minum-free mix­ture. The bak­ing soda de­odor­izes and the corn­starch ab­sorbs sweat.

8 Stop sour cream from cur­dling

Your home­made chili tastes best with a dol­lop of sour cream, but the dairy prod­uct al­ways cur­dles when it touches the hot dish, and your kids won’t eat it. Next time, stir 1 tsp. of corn­starch into 1⁄4 cup of sour cream be­fore adding it to the dish. Corn­starch acts as a binder, prevent­ing cur­dling.

9 Fill small holes in a wall

Af­ter tak­ing down a framed paint­ing in the din­ing room, you’re left with an ugly nail hole in the wall—and you don’t have any spackle to fill it. The easy home­made al­ter­na­tive: Mix equal parts corn­starch and water un­til it cre­ates a paste, then use a putty knife to smooth the mix­ture into the hole. Let the so­lu­tion dry, then sand the area un­til it’s even. As the corn­starch dries, it will fill the hole.

10 Give Coco a “bath” with­out a fight

Yuck! Guests are on their way and your pup is smelling a bit less than fresh. The quick, in-a-pinch so­lu­tion: Rub 1⁄2 cup of corn­starch into her fur (use less for smaller dogs), then use a brush to work it into her coat. The pow­der works like dry sham­poo to soak up any oils and odors in her fur, and the brush will help fluff up her coat.

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