Easy keys to outsmart brain drain

“Stealth” blood-su­gar spikes are be­hind an epi­demic of low moods and brain fog in healthy women, re­veal re­searchers at Stan­ford Uni­ver­sity. Here’s help

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Our days are so packed that it’s easy to as­sume feel­ing weary and jum­bled is an un­avoid­able fact of life. Not so, say Stan­ford re­searchers, who iden­ti­fied an un­di­ag­nosed cul­prit drain­ing mil­lions of women: “covert” blood-su­gar spikes. The study mon­i­tored peo­ple whose blood-su­gar test­ing showed they were healthy—no signs of pre­di­a­betes. But for more than 53% of the sub­jects, blood su­gar rapidly spiked to pre­di­a­betic or even di­a­betic lev­els af­ter meals—even though the food wasn’t high in su­gar.

Why that’s a con­cern: “When blood su­gar spikes, the pan­creas se­cretes in­sulin to drive glu­cose down—and the re­sult­ing dip can trig­ger fog, low moods and fa­tigue,” notes in­te­gra­tive physi­cian Fred Pesca­tore, M.D. “And since in­sulin stores ex­cess glu­cose as fat, re­peated spikes can lead to weight gain.” For­tu­nately, sprin­kling sim­ple strate­gies through­out the day can end covert spikes and boost health!

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