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Since a slim­mer face can op­ti­cally erase 10 pounds from your over­all look, doc­tors of­fer in­jecta­bles like Ky­bella to elim­i­nate fat cells un­der the chin. But it takes mul­ti­ple costly ses­sions to achieve the best re­sults. Celebrity aes­theti­cian Bella Sch­nei­der says a gen­tle lymph mas­sage us­ing wheat germ oil can yield sim­i­lar re­sults. “The oil’s vitamin A in­creases elas­tic­ity for tighter skin while its mag­ne­sium— along with the mas­sage’s move­ments—en­hance cir­cu­la­tion to flush out fat­trap­ping tox­ins and flu­ids.” TO DO: wheat Rub germ a oil nickel-sized (like Viobin amount Wheat of Germ Oil, PHMProd­ onto hands, slide thumbs from un­der the chin up the jaw­line to­ward the ears, then lightly press the hol­low area be­hind each ear­lobe. Next, slide hands down the neck’s sides. Re­peat twice a day for re­sults in four weeks.

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