The sip that curbs ap­petite

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Sipping a cup of broth be­fore your next meal can pro­mote health­ier food choices for the rest of the day, re­port re­searchers at Beth Is­rael Dea­coness Med­i­cal Cen­ter in Bos­ton. In their study, women who had broth be­fore a buf­fet-style meal were bet­ter able to limit the amount of food they ate com­pared to women who didn’t sip broth be­fore­hand. The study au­thors say monosodium glu­ta­mate—a com­pound naturally found in foods that have a rich umami fla­vor (in­clud­ing broth, toma­toes and soy)—ac­ti­vates the genes that shut down hunger. Sim­i­lar stud­ies have shown this pre-meal broth helps cut daily food in­take by 400 calo­ries.

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