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Start­ing the day with whey pro­tein cur­tails blood-su­gar spikes from the get-go, re­search in Di­a­betolo­gia sug­gests. Drink­ing a whey shake low­ered glu­cose spikes by 28%—an ef­fect that per­sisted for three hours and helped par­tic­i­pants side­step en­ergy dips. “Whey pro­tein trig­gers the re­lease of sub­stances that as­sist in­sulin in bring­ing blood su­gar into bal­ance,” notes Dr. Pesca­tore, who sug­gests adding 20 to 25 grams of whey pow­der to a daily smoothie. “Plus, amino acids in whey pro­tein are used by the body to make neu­ro­trans­mit­ters that keep brain cells fir­ing at their peak.” The proof: In a British study, sub­jects who had a whey-en­riched break­fast per­formed 180% bet­ter on cog­ni­tive tasks than those who didn’t con­sume whey.

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