Flea Market Décor - - Contents - Kathryn Drury Wag­ner Editor/brand Leader

AS MINIMALISTS GO, I’M LOUSY. I’ll get rid of a book, and then come glee­fully home from a used book­store with a bag bulging full. I purge a ce­ramic serv­ing dish, only to find three more Cal­i­for­nia mid­cen­tury spec­i­mens call­ing my name at the flea mar­ket. Or that chair—it just needs a lit­tle paint! My ac­qui­si­tional na­ture is not made bet­ter by the fact that my job en­tails wan­der­ing through so many of America’s best flea mar­kets, vin­tage shops and thrift stores.

But we do have to draw the line some­where if we’re to be proper col­lec­tors and not hoard­ers, and in this is­sue we’ve pre­sented some op­tions for cu­ra­tion and con­tain­ment. After all, the be­gin­ning of the year is the per­fect time to as­sess what we own and think about what is truly use­ful or pro­vid­ing joy. I know many of you are deal­ers and flip­pers; if so, con­sider your­selves for­tu­nate that you can make money off the cy­cle of stuff.

The fresh new year is also the ideal time for us to de­but our new logo, which you may have no­ticed splashed across the mag­a­zine. It was an ex­cit­ing process, think­ing about which fonts and com­bi­na­tions will best ex­press the thrill of the hunt that is flea mar­ket­ing, as well as the unique style our read­ers have when it comes to self ex­pres­sion. We hope you like the makeover.


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