“The [home] still had the old wall­pa­per and lots of retro items. IT WAS ONE OF THE MAIN REA­SONS WE WANTED IT.”

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They started on some ma­jor struc­tural ren­o­va­tions, in­clud­ing new win­dows and a sloped roof on that back part of the house. A few car­pets went fly­ing out the win­dow, lit­er­ally. Then the fam­ily, which in­cludes the cou­ple’s two chil­dren, was ready to set­tle in and start dec­o­rat­ing. Kate’s previous job as a vis­ual mer­chan­diser has given her “an ob­ses­sion with color block­ing,” and as you can see in the pho­tos, each room has a theme. For ex­am­ple, in the din­ing room, it’s blue, and there are blue paint­ings, glass­ware and a vase that be­longed to her great aunt. A serv­ing hatch at the side of the room is still in use. “We open it to keep the air flow­ing around the house, and when Adam’s cook­ing, he leans through and rings a lit­tle bell to tell us the food is ready!” What did they re­place all that old car­pet with? One thing Kate learned while work­ing on this house was, “Don’t be scared of painted floor­boards. They are cheap and quick, change the whole look of a room, max­i­mize all the light, and they look even bet­ter when they’re a bit bat­tered.”

De­spite the luxe look, this home was done on a bud­get, and Kate used tricks such as fram­ing a scrap of wall­pa­per to rus­tle up a vin­tage vibe for a frac­tion of the cost of pa­per­ing a whole wall with vin­tage pa­per. The fam­ily keeps ev­ery­thing or­ga­nized with vin­tage cab­i­nets. Another space-sav­ing idea: us­ing slid­ing doors on clos­ets, which also can prevent ac­ci­dents in high traf­fic ar­eas. Fam­ily heir­looms are an im­por­tant part of Kate’s home too. For ex­am­ple, she loves the sit­ting room’s black leather suite arm­chair, which be­longed to Adam’s grandma. “It’s such a mas­cu­line color and de­sign that I had to soften the space with cream floors and a blue wall,” she says. A foot­stool is a re­cent find and a lucky match for the rest of the fur­ni­ture. Kate loves the way it ups the com­fort fac­tor: “You can re­ally stretch out and watch TV or lis­ten to mu­sic.”

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