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We first tried Fore­fight­ers iin­ge­nious Scout ADS-B re­ceiver on our way to Air Ven­ture Oshkosh in our Cir­rus SR22 to com­pare the com­pact and in­ex­pen­sive unit with the tech­nol­ogy in the cock­pit. The first step is to hang it from a win­dow us­ing the in­cluded suc­tion cup, then plug it into a power source (to keep it small and sim­ple, there’s no built-in bat­tery) and pair it with an iphone or ipad run­ning the Foreflight Mo­bile app. We used a Mac laptop as the power source and an iphone 6 as the plat­form. Scout worked flaw­lessly right out of the box, with storms and traf­fic ap­pear­ing ex­actly where we saw them on our in-cock­pit weather and traf­fic dis­plays. $199 at ama­zon.com

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