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Focus of SWFL - - Sarasota Film Festival - By Scott Black

Talk about a com­pany step­ping up with some­thing cool, VDIH DQG HDVy WR fly. 7KDW ZLOO VWLOO PHHW yRur GHVLJQ ZLVK list, look to the ICON A5. An am­phibi­ous light sport air­craft that fuses out­stand­ing aero­nau­ti­cal en­gi­neer­ing with the ease of driv­ing a car. The ICON A5 is a light­weight car­bon fiEHr DLrIrDPH SRZHrHG Ey D VLQJOH 100 KS 5RWDx 912 U/6 engine driv­ing a three-bladed pusher pro­pel­ler. It's meant to evoke a change in sport avi­a­tion. In both de­sign and safety, an air­craft like no other. With the abil­ity to be stored in your garage and then trans­ported and ODuQFKHG OLNH yRu ZRuOG DQy VSRrW fiVKLQJ ERDW. :KDW makes this pos­si­ble is the fold­ing wings, a sim­ple push of a but­ton and the wing span goes from 34 ft to a trailer sized 8.5 ft. Think­ing about bridges and un­der passes it comes to only 8.3 ft with a weight of 1430 lbs. Talk

about fun, 65% of the ve­hi­cles on the road can tow this on the free­way and roll the A5 down the ramp. Park your ve­hi­cle and head off to a pri­vate af­fair. What I re­ally like about the A5 is the in­no­va­tion put into the air­craft, land any­where, stall/spin-re­sis­tance, au­to­mo­tive or avi­a­tion fuel, and stor­age. Not only can you store an A5 in your large garage or ac­cess the A5 from your dock on the wa­ter; as the A5 comes with sea­w­ing plat­forms for easy ac­cess and dock­ing. There are more fea­tures like Low stall speed, An­gle of At­tack in­di­ca­tor, op­tional para­chute and more, but I will get into that when I do a more de­tailed re­view.

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