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Get­ting you to and from work ev­ery day and trans­port­ing your fam­ily to af­ter-school ac­tiv­i­ties and far-off des­ti­na­tions are just a few of the things we rely on our au­to­mo­biles to do for us. To pro­long the life of your ve­hi­cle, it is im­por­tant to pro­vide the ba­sic rou­tine care it re­quires. Though au­to­mo­biles are a com­plex sys­tem of in­ter­con­nected parts, ba­sic car main­te­nance doesn’t have to be com­pli­cated. Here are some sim­ple tips to keep your car run­ning longer and more ef­fi­ciently: Be Mind­ful of Brakes – Al­low­ing you the very im­por­tant abil­ity to stop your ve­hi­cle, the main­te­nance of brakes is vi­tal. Have them checked an­nu­ally by a pro­fes­sional and be aware of the signs of wear in­clud­ing de­layed re­sponse when push­ing on your brake pedal, the brake light ap­pear­ing on your dash­board or any high­pitched squeal or harsh grind­ing sounds. Change Oil Of­ten – Oil is the lifeblood that keeps key en­gine com­po­nents in good work­ing con­di­tion by re­duc­ing fric­tion and wear. Change your oil about ev­ery three months, or check your owner’s man­ual for the man­u­fac­turer’s rec­om­mended oil change in­ter­vals. This will en­sure you are do­ing your part to main­tain the fre­quency of oil changes your car needs. Al­ways be sure to check for proper oil lev­els when pre­par­ing for any long trip you may be plan­ning. Use En­gine Treat­ment – To re­duce wear and ex­tend en­gine life, use an en­gine treat­ment, such as Syn­ergyn XtrA MPG anti-fric­tion for­mula. This added lu­bri­ca­tion can keep your en­gine run­ning smoother, pro­vid­ing greater wear pro­tec­tion than oil alone and ex­tends the life of your car’s en­gine. Change Power Steer­ing Fluid – This part of your ve­hi­cle helps you to steer with min­i­mal effort. Be sure to have the power steer­ing fluid changed ev­ery 50,000 miles or three years. If your fluid level is low, you may have a leak which will need to be re­viewed by a me­chanic. Re­place En­gine Coolant – In or­der to keep your en­gine run­ning ef­fi­ciently, en­gine coolant re­moves ex­cess heat. De­pend­ing on the type you pur­chase, most an­tifreeze or en­gine coolants can last from 30,000 - 50,000 miles, or about three years. You can check your en­gine’s level by lo­cat­ing the plas­tic coolant reser­voir un­der your hood. Re­place Air Fil­ter – The air fil­ter pre­vents air­borne con­tam­i­nants from be­ing pulled into your car’s en­gine. Be­cause wear is de­pen­dent on amount of driv­ing, regular high­way driv­ers should have their air fil­ters re­placed about ev­ery 15,000 miles to im­prove fuel econ­omy, emis­sions and per­for­mance. An­other way to im­prove fuel econ­omy is by us­ing an en­gine treat­ment prod­uct, such as Syn­ergyn XTrA MPG En­gine Treat­ment. Main­tain Tire Pres­sure – Hav­ing the right amount of pres­sure in your tires can pre­vent poor mileage, tire blowouts or un­even wear. Be­cause a change in tem­per­a­ture can dra­mat­i­cally im­pact tire pres­sure, it is im­por­tant to check tire pres­sure with ex­treme weather changes, or to be on the safe side, ev­ery cou­ple months. Ro­tate Your Tires – To keep the amount of wear on tread even, min­i­mize vi­bra­tion of wheels and pro­long the per­for­mance of your tires, get your tires ro­tated reg­u­larly. Most pro­fes­sion­als rec­om­mend a ro­ta­tion around ev­ery 4,000 miles or when you go in for oil changes. For more in­for­ma­tion on im­prov­ing fuel econ­omy, re­duc­ing wear and ex­tend­ing the life of your car’s en­gine, visit: www.syn­erg­y­


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