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Hair should be ev­ery woman’s best ac­ces­sory, but at its worst, it’s frizzy, dull, dry, and well—pretty much a nightmare! For­tu­nately, there are easy fixes for health­ier hair. Spend­ing five min­utes to op­ti­mize your groom­ing rou­tine can leave hair silky smooth, per­fectly coifed, or softly curled. We’ve roundup five tips and a few prod­ucts to help you quickly re­vive locks and re­store them to their proper glory: • Seal and Re­pair Hair Cu­ti­cles. Are you over­dos­ing on sham­poo? Over sham­poo­ing with the wrong prod­ucts can strip hair’s nat­u­ral oils, dry­ing and weak­en­ing hair cu­ti­cles. Your hair cu­ti­cles are the out­er­most layer of the hair shaft, and are re­spon­si­ble for lock­ing in mois­ture. pH bal­anced sham­poos, like Se­bamed Ev­ery­day Sham­poo ($12.99, Se­, can help re­vive, close and seal the cu­ti­cles. For­mu­lated with a new gen­er­a­tion sur­fac­tant blend, the sham­poo’s mois­ture re­tain­ing prop­er­ties pen­e­trate the struc­ture of the hair shaft, adding vol­ume and silky shine. • Choose a “Flake­Free” Diet. Foods high in omega­3 fatty acids, iron and protein can lead to a health­ier, hap­pier scalp. Since about 3 % of your hair shaft is made up of omega­3 fatty acids, they’re vi­tal to keep­ing you scalp hy­drated. Omega­3 fatty acids can be found in foods like wal­nuts, al­monds, tuna and sal­mon. • Tame Frizz. In­stead of load­ing your hair with oily serums and fly­away tamers, try styling with hair tools that pro­duce ionic heat – a proven frizz fighter. Ionic prod­ucts like Rowenta Beauty’s In­spi­ra­tion Pro™ Auto Sen­sor™ Hair Dryer ($159.99, lock in mois­ture, keep­ing your tresses hy­drated and re­sis­tant to break­age, which also gives you that cov­eted sa­lon­qual­ity shine. • Pro­mote New Growth, Nat­u­rally. When try­ing to grow out your hair its im­por­tant to trim split ends. Also, giv­ing yourself a gen­tle scalp mas­sage for 10 min­utes 2­3 times a week in the shower can loosen skin flakes, prod­uct residue, and nat­u­ral oils, and in­crease blood flow to the scalp to help pro­mote new hair growth. • Re­store Life to Your Hair. Do you color your hair, straighten it a few times a week or use a lot of hair spray? Adding chem­i­cals, ap­ply­ing heat or us­ing prod­ucts are habits that we all find hard to kick, and can come with some un­wanted side ef­fects. Luck­ily, hair masks like Repêchage Hy­dra­Amino® 18 Hair Spa Sea­weed Mask ($55, work to re­store and nour­ish hair from scalp to tip for dra­mat­i­cally smoother, more youth­ful look­ing hair. Ap­ply it in the shower 1­2 times weekly or leave in overnight for a deep treat­ment. For­mu­lated with se­lect sea­weed plants, this treat­ment works to re­pair stressed out tresses, strengthen dam­aged and chem­i­cally treated hair, and pro­tect it from fur­ther dam­age.

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