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The en­vi­ron­ment’s nat­u­ral el­e­ments can take a toll on the body. How­ever, tak­ing time to re­fill what has been de­pleted from your body, such as moisturizing skin and hair, can make you feel health­ier and more beau­ti­ful. A sim­i­lar ap­proach can also help make your teeth stronger and make your smile health­ier. Though busy days may make ex­ten­sive health and beauty rou­tines feel un­re­al­is­tic, there are sim­ple ways to make them more man­age­able. • Think of the time you ded­i­cate to tak­ing care of your­self as an op­por­tu­nity to un­wind and re­lax, rather than a chore or another item to check off that never- end­ing to- do list. • Look for ac­tiv­i­ties that de­liver in mul­ti­ple ways, such as yoga, which helps tone your body while giv­ing your mind a chance to slow down and re­ju­ve­nate. • In­stead of try­ing to cram a full body well­ness ses­sion into a sin­gle day, sched­ule ac­tiv­i­ties that don’t need to be per­formed daily over the course of a week. Not only does that spread your “you- time” far­ther, it makes fit­ting it all in more doable. While a hec­tic life­style can af­fect the specifics of your health and beauty rou­tine, the tips be­low are a great way for nearly ev­ery­one to get started:

Scrub­bing away spent skin cells and the dust and grime of daily life from your face and body al­lows fresh, healthy cells to grow in their place. After exfoliating, make sure to follow up with a qual­ity mois­tur­izer to smooth and re­plen­ish the mois­ture in your skin.


Us­ing a hair mask gives your hair a smooth and glossy ap­pear­ance, mak­ing it feel strong. Sim­i­larly, reg­u­larly ap­ply­ing fa­cial masks also gives the skin a healthy glow and smoother com­plex­ion.


In be­tween vis­its to the den­tal hy­gien­ist, you can con­tinue to pol­ish and strengthen your enamel at home. One op­tion is Col­gate Enamel Health Tooth­paste, which helps re­plen­ish the nat­u­ral cal­cium in your teeth and gen­tly pol­ishes for stronger, healthy enamel.


“By pol­ish­ing our teeth, hy­gien­ists go beyond ‘ clean­ing’ to re­move stains and help smooth out enamel, which pre­vents bac­te­ria from stick­ing,” said Kristy Menage Bernie, den­tal hy­gien­ist and Col­gate Enamel Health Spokesper­son. “By adding a tooth­paste like Col­gate Enamel Health to your morn­ing rou­tine, you can proac­tively care for your enamel and help main­tain the work your hy­gien­ist does be­tween vis­its to help get a beau­ti­ful healthy smile.” Make time for med­i­ta­tion. Take time out of your busy day to sit qui­etly and me­di­ate. Cen­ter­ing the mind can help re­lieve stress, im­prov­ing your over­all men­tal well- be­ing. Ul­ti­mately, set­ting aside a lit­tle time each day to fo­cus on your­self can re­sult in a hap­pier, health­ier and more beau­ti­ful you.


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