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Ever since the 16th cen­tury, ladies’ watches have de­lighted in rein­vent­ing the rules of the game of se­duc­tion: ex­plor­ing the full spec­trum from in­vis­i­ble to daz­zling and from con­ceal­ment to re­veal­ment, while en­gaged in a per­pet­ual quest to strike the per­fect bal­ance be­tween beauty, re­fine­ment and telling the time. Jaeger­LeCoul­tre has en­riched this tra­di­tion by cre­at­ing “se­cret” watches with cov­ers, as well as swiv­el­ling and piv­ot­ing mod­els, rings and pen­dants, cov­er­ing a range of styles streatch­ing from the pu­rity of Art Deco to the most ex­pres­sive flo­ral mo­tifs. Ra­di­at­ing ul­ti­mate aes­thetic ap­peal and supreme el­e­gance, th­ese cre­ations unite the twin arts of ex­cep­tional watch­mak­ing and fine jew­ellery. Such mas­ter­pieces could only be cre­ated in the work­shops of the Man­u­fac­ture that so fully masters the sub­tle in­tri­ca­cies of me­chan­i­cal per­fec­tion and the most exquisitely del­i­cate gem­set­ting tech­niques. Over the cen­turies and in step with chang­ing dress codes, women have de­ter­mined the aes­thetic of time and the ways in which it is worn. They have adopted all man­ner of in­no­va­tions and horo­log­i­cal com­pli­ca­tions. They have com­bined beauty and per­fec­tion, thereby en­abling watch­mak­ing to draw nur­ture from the art of jew­ellery and gold­smithing. Whether hung from a long sau­toir neck­lace, at­tached to the belt by a “châte­laine” chain, con­cealed within a brooch or a snuff­box, watches have dis­played the mul­ti­ple, ever­chang­ing and se­cret facets of their na­ture – very much like women them­selves. And when 18th and 19th cen­tury cus­toms held that ladies had no need to mea­sure time or to en­quire about the time when in company, the dance of the hours was del­i­cately cloaked in pearls and pre­cious stones. Jaeger­LeCoul­tre has al­ways lav­ished spe­cial at­ten­tion on fem­i­nine time­pieces, in terms of both their aes­thetic and their mech­a­nism. In par­tic­u­lar, this tra­di­tion dates back to the small­est round move­ments with an ex­tremely small di­am­e­ter, such as the LeCoul­tre Cal­i­bre 7HP cre­ated in the 1880s, and which equipped enam­elled watches set with di­a­monds and pearls, gen­er­ally worn around the neck.

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