How can com­pa­nies cor­rect the prob­lem?

Footwear News - - INSIDER - “Those at the top, white males and fe­males, have to wave the di­ver­sity and in­clu­sion and equal­ity flag as fer­vently as women and mi­nori­ties. They are the ones with the plat­form and the abil­ity to more eas­ily put change into place.” — Anony­mous “Shoe compa

“This is a way of life, and we as in­di­vid­u­als have to be over­com­ers. It is our duty to stand tall and present our­selves in a pro­fes­sional man­ner at all times. It is our duty to keep knock­ing on the door un­til some­one an­swers. That will bring about change, and the prob­lem will even­tu­ally cor­rect it­self. Maybe not to­day, but who knows — to­mor­row?”— Del­more “Recog­ni­tion would be a good start. There are so many talented di­verse lead­ers at brands, but no one knows about them. If peo­ple knew these folks ex­isted, maybe this would give other di­verse can­di­dates North Stars they [can] as­pire to shoot for. How many peo­ple know that most of [Nike’s] footwear lead­ers are AfricanAmer­i­can? Charles Wil­liams runs men’s, Dave Schechter runs Air Max. And the Nike En­ergy/ Col­labs are run by Kris Wright, who ar­guably has one of the most sto­ried footwear ca­reers no one even knows about.”— Whit­ner

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