cryp­tos in won­der­land


do­ge­coin ( doge): in 2013, a Shiba inu meme with bro­ken-english cap­tions went vi­ral. do­ge­coin, orig­i­nally is­sued as a joke cur­rency, has been a coin-mar­ket star. to­day it has a $280 mil­lion mar­ket cap, and it has al­ready spon­sored nas­daq race cars and wa­ter wells in africa, plus sent the Ja­maican bob­sled team to the Win­ter olympics.

moon­coin ( moon): moon­coin sits on the new moon­coin blockchain and aims to rev­o­lu­tion­ize in­vest­ing. for­get re­search­ing com­pa­nies and mar­kets. you can “mon­e­tize your likes” by earn­ing moon­coins when oth­ers like them, too. cur­rent mar­ket value: $21 mil­lion.

pot­coin (pot): this cryp­tocur­rency, built specif­i­cally for the cannabis com­mu­nity, is best known for spon­sor­ing a trip by den­nis rod­ham to north korea. cur­rent mar­ket value: $22 mil­lion.

le­gends room (lgd): for 5,000 to­kens, hold­ers get a life­time vip mem­ber­ship to a las ve­gas strip club run by a team that in­cludes mixed-mar­tial-arts fighter phil “new york bad ass” ba­roni. all hold­ers get a 20% dis­count (mem­bers get 50%) on drinks and ser­vices ex­cept gam­ing. its fully di­luted coin mar­ket cap ex­ceeds $50 mil­lion. trump­coin ( trump): this coin is meant to “sup­port pres­i­dent trump and his vi­sion of mak­ing amer­ica great again.” trump­coin am­bas­sadors are urged to post weekly ar­ti­cles on their face­book page to earn coins. in Jan­uary, be­fore the in­au­gu­ra­tion, trump­coin peaked at 51 cents, or $3.38 mil­lion, in value but now trades for 6 cents, or $427,000. in­sanecoin ( insn): its web­site says, “in­sane coin is more than just a coin, it is a hap­pen­ing . . . a state of mind. you don’t have to be in­sane to be part of our com­mu­nity, but it sure couldn’t hurt.” the coin’s de­vel­op­ment road map in­cludes es­tab­lish­ing a vot­ing sys­tem and open­ing an in­sane Space store­front in eng­land in 2018. cur­rent mar­ket float of $2.5 mil­lion.

un­ob­ta­nium ( uno): only 250,000 coins will be mined over the next 300 years. So un­ob­ta­nium coins are gun­ning to be the rarest crypto-to­ken ever. “the plat­inum to bit­coin’s gold,” says the web­site’s video. mar­ket value: $8.4 mil­lion.

pan­da­coin ( pnd): Who doesn’t love panda bears? this cryp­tocur­rency was mar­keted to crypto novices as easy to un­der­stand and use. it’s ba­si­cally an al­ter­na­tive bank ac­count. if you hold pan­da­coins in its pand­a­bank, you can earn 2.5% an­nual in­ter­est, but only when your com­puter is on­line and pand­a­bank is open. mar­ket cap: $1.6 mil­lion.

skin­coin (skin): Want a rain­bow-col­ored skin on the Glock-18 9-mil­lime­ter sidearm you use in counter-strike: Global of­fen­sive? this cryp­tocur­rency buys you more skins and al­lows you to trade and make bets with skins for videogame firearms. it be­gan an ico on June 21 and had raised $3.3 mil­lion in ether by June 30. coinye ( coinye): orig­i­nally called coinye West, this cryp­tocur­rency project was aban­doned af­ter a trade­mark-in­fringe­ment law­suit by kanye West, whose im­age (in the form of a sun­glass­eswear­ing fish) was its mas­cot.

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