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founder of Ford Mo­tor Co. (1903)

“Mr. Ford’s in­ter­est in his em­ployee by no means ends in the Em­ploy­ment Of­fice. Af­ter the man is hired, he is placed in one of the var­i­ous de­part­ments, and care­ful note made of his progress. If, at the end of a cer­tain pe­riod, he is found un­suited for the work given him, he is trans­ferred to some other part of the plant un­til at last his proper niche is found. When a worker feels his em­ployer is tak­ing a per­sonal in­ter­est in him and that he is of value to the firm, he is bound to be happy and to hold his em­ployer in high es­teem. In a word, Mr. Ford’s aim is to keep his work­men con­tented.” —“Who Is Our Best Em­ployer?” (February 2, 1918)

March 2, 1918: The First Rich List “News­boy To Mul­timil­lion­aire”

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