Amer­ica’s Top Com­pa­nies: 2017


Tech dom­i­nates the cur­rent rank­ing with 11 spots. The pro­longed stock mar­ket boom of the past 50 years has made Amer­ica’s largest com­pa­nies much more valu­able, on av­er­age, than their 1967 coun­ter­parts. At the top, Ap­ple is worth $770 bil­lion, more than twice what IBM was worth a half-cen­tury ago af­ter ad­just­ing for in­fla­tion. Lower down the list, the wealth cre­ation is more dra­matic. The sta­tis­ti­cal me­dian mar­ket value in 2017 is $180 bil­lion—just about where Philip Mor­ris In­ter­na­tional is—731% more than its 1967 value. Even the least valu­able com­pany on the cur­rent list, Eli Lilly, is worth some $91 bil­lion, while the 50th-ranked firm from 1967, John­son & John­son, would be worth just un­der $13 bil­lion in 2017 cur­rency.


Survives top 50 un­der (largely) own name 1917-2017 Survives top 50 un­der (largely) own name 1917–1967 Survives top 50 un­der (largely) own name 1967–2017 Ac­quired or merged into com­pany on later list Cre­ated as the re­sult of merg­ers of com­pa­nies on ear­lier lists

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