founder of Getty Oil (1942) (1892–1976)


“Getty was never a man to let money stand in his way when he wanted some­thing. This idio­syn­crasy even got him into the ho­tel busi­ness. Ac­cord­ing to leg­end, Getty ar­rived at New York’s swank Ho­tel Pierre late one night and asked for his fa­vorite suite. The desk clerk ex­plained that the suite was al­ready oc­cu­pied. ‘I want that suite!’ thun­dered the oil ty­coon. ‘I’m sorry sir,’ ex­plained the clerk again, ‘it’s al­ready taken.’ Getty stormed out. The next day he bought the Pierre and fired the of­fend­ing clerk.” —“Getty’s Gravy” (May 1, 1953)

The mo­tel gets an up­grade when Kem­mons Wil­son opens the first Hol­i­day Inn in Mem­phis, Ten­nessee, where a sin­gle costs $4 a night. OC­TO­BER 1, 1952: 35TH AN­NIVER­SARY IS­SUE “Ber­tie Charles Forbes: Some Things Are Un­con­scionable”

James Wat­son and Fran­cis Crick dis­cover the struc­ture of Dna—the dou­ble helix. FEBRUARY 15, 1953 “Paramount’s Lamour and Hope: The Road to Mazuma Is Love”

The most ground­break­ing form of con­tra­cep­tion is in its in­fancy when bi­ol­o­gists be­gin work on a pro­ges­terone pill that pre­vents ovu­la­tion. But you can call it “The Pill.”


Charge it, please! Frank Mc­na­mara in­tro­duces the na­tion’s first credit card—din­ers Club.

OC­TO­BER 15, 1950 “Hotel­man Hil­ton: Price Is Not Al­ways the Thing”

JAN­UARY 15, 1951: “FTC’S Ma­son: No Longer Chief Ogre”

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