(1911–1999) co­founder of Ogilvy & Mather (1948)


“Ogilvy is mas­ter both of the soft sell (Hath­away shirts, Rolls-royce) and the well-man­nered hard sell (Sears, Roe­buck, Gen­eral Foods, Shell Oil). A dap­per English­man who learned much about Amer­i­cans while work­ing for re­searcher Ge­orge Gallup, Ogilvy knows the value of be­ing slightly un­ortho­dox. He has, for ex­am­ple, come out for hav­ing bill­boards abol­ished. But both he and his com­peti­tors agree that he is an ad­ver­tis­ing ge­nius. He has built the U.S.’ 21st-biggest ad­ver­tis­ing agency (billings: $56.7 mil­lion) from scratch in just 15 years.” —“She Isn’t a Moron; She’s Your Wife” (Novem­ber 15, 1963)

Har­vey Ball de­signs the yel­low hu­manoid face that launched a mil­lion emo­jis—the Smi­ley Face.

JULY 15, 1963 “To­bacco: More Trou­ble Ahead”

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