WIL­LIAM HEWLETT (1913–2001) AND DAVID PACKARD (1912–1996)

co­founders of Hewlett-packard (1939)


“Now that Packard and Hewlett have broad­ened the com­pany’s base, its fu­ture will be more sta­ble. Its chief sin was poor tim­ing: It sim­ply waited too long to be­gin branch­ing out. For the im­me­di­ate fu­ture the pic­ture is not so bright. Govern­ment spend­ing on the space pro­gram re­mains at low lev­els, and the R&D, mar­ket­ing and ini­tial pro­duc­tion costs on the new prod­ucts will re­main high. But once hav­ing paid the price of diver­si­fy­ing, H-P, other­wise one of the be­strun out­fits in the elec­tron­ics busi­ness, should re­sume its up­ward progress.” —“Too Long with a Good Thing” (April 15, 1968)

In his famed “Mother of All Demos” pre­sen­ta­tion at a com­puter con­fer­ence in San Fran­cisco, engi­neer Dou­glas En­gel­bart in­tro­duces nu­mer­ous trans­for­ma­tional tech­nolo­gies—in­clud­ing a de­vice he called the “mouse.”

In­te­grated cir­cuit board in­ven­tor Jack Kilby has an­other break­through: the hand­held cal­cu­la­tor.

APRIL 1, 1967 “The Fu­ture of Elec­tronic Money”

AU­GUST 1, 1968 “A $2-Bil­lion Mar­ket: Pets”

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