32. Dustin Moskovitz


as mark Zucker­berg (no. 4) tells it, his har­vard room­mate moskovitz, a com­puter-science ma­jor, learned the lan­guage used for face­book’s orig­i­nal code in just a cou­ple days. moskovitz and Zucker­berg dropped out of har­vard in 2004 and moved to cal­i­for­nia. moskovitz left face­book in 2008 and launched soft­ware-startup asana. his stake in the so­cial net­work still makes up the bulk of his wealth. moskovitz and his wife, cari tuna, a former

Wall Street Jour­nal re­porter, are ac­tive phi­lan­thropists through their foun­da­tion good ven­tures.

Col­lege room­mates Moskovitz (left) and Mark Zucker­berg in Har­vard Yard.

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