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“Bryn mawr had done what a four-year dose of lib­eral ed­u­ca­tion was de­signed to do: un­fit her for 80% of the use­ful work of the world.” —toni Mor­ri­son “WHAT WE HAVE TO LEARN TO DO, WE LEARN by DO­ING.” —aris­to­tle “To stim­u­late life, leav­ing it free, how­ever, to un­fold itself—that is the first duty of the ed­u­ca­tor.” —Maria Montes­sori “man is the Only Crea­ture that must be ed­u­cated.” —im­manuel kant “Ed­u­ca­tion Is THE key To un­lock THE golden door of free­dom.” —GE­ORGE Washington carver “The mind is not a ves­sel that needs fill­ing, but wood that needs ig­nit­ing.” —Plutarch “IN REAL LIFE, I AS­SURE YOU, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ALGEBRA.” —Fran lebowitz “‘Cast­ing Out Fear’ Ought to be the motto Over ev­ery school door.” —a.s. neill “You can’t ex­pect a boy to be vi­cious un­til he’s been to a good school.” —saki “study with­out de­sire spoils THE mem­ory, and IT re­tains noth­ing That IT Takes In.” —leonardo da Vinci “One is cu­ri­ous only in pro­por­tion to one’s level of ed­u­ca­tion.” —Jean-jac­ques rousseau “DO­ING IS OF SUCH A NA­TURE AS TO DE­MAND THINK­ING. LEARN­ING NAT­U­RALLY RE­SULTS.” —John DEWEY “In all things, suc­cess de­pends upon pre­vi­ous prepa­ra­tion, and with­out such prepa­ra­tion there is sure to be fail­ure.” —con­fu­cius “How you fill your mind de­ter­mines very largely how you will fill your pocket.” —B.c. Forbes

“If the ax Is dull and Its edge un­sharp­ened, more strength Is needed—but skill will bring suc­cess.” —Ec­cle­si­astes 10:10

“Ed­u­ca­tion Is what sur­vives when what has been learned has been for­got­ten.” —B.F. skinner

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