A Sci­en­tif­i­cally and Clin­i­cally proven Ap­proach to Safely Bring­ing Wheat and Dairy Back into Your Diet

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John Douil­lard, Mor­gan James Pub­lish­ing Soft­cover $21.95 (325pp), 978-1-68350-009-4

Gluten-free has gone from diet craze to full-scale move­ment. But is gluten unequiv­o­cally a sub­stance to be avoided? That, along with sim­i­lar con­cerns about dairy, is the ques­tion of John Douil­lard’s book.

Through his ex­pe­ri­ence, he be­lieves that elim­i­nat­ing dairy and wheat are only short-term, sur­face-level fixes for a larger prob­lem: when the diges­tive tract isn’t work­ing well, it releases tox­ins into the lym­phatic sys­tem. By deal­ing with this root is­sue, Douil­lard is able to craft a so­lu­tion that has long-term re­sults and fewer di­etary re­stric­tions. As with any mod­ern food trend, there’s truth and there’s hype. Douil­lard, as a physi­cian, deftly sep­a­rates the two. For ex­am­ple, con­trary to com­mon un­der­stand­ing, an­cient wheat had twice the gluten of to­day’s wheat, and it also had sub­stan­tial health ben­e­fits. By dig­ging deep into facts, re­search, and his­tory, he si­lences the noise that makes it dif­fi­cult to know what de­ci­sions to make. In do­ing so, he equips mod­ern eaters for health and af­firms their own abil­i­ties to make healthy choices.

By re­ex­am­in­ing his­tory, eat­ing pat­terns, and the mod­ern diet, Douil­lard crafts a holis­tic, nu­anced so­lu­tion that em­braces mod­er­a­tion and the body’s own rhythms. His so­lu­tion is a bal­ance of broad prin­ci­ples and prac­ti­cal nuts and bolts (in­clud­ing a sea­sonal gro­cery list). Those who fol­low his ad­vice will find their diet rich and di­verse, and their diges­tive and over­all health en­riched.

Douil­lard’s ap­proach is pos­i­tive, even as he doles out in­for­ma­tion as a doc­tor. He doesn’t blast peo­ple who’ve gone gluten-free, even if they’ve done so for rea­sons that have proved in­ef­fec­tive. In­stead, he in­vites all kinds of eaters to re­think their habits. Douil­lard’s style and wis­dom ap­peal to those who long for health and aren’t sat­is­fied with sim­plis­tic an­swers that don’t achieve real change. Em­pow­ered by the con­tents of this book, any­one can craft a truly healthy, bal­anced diet.

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