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How to Live from Your Heart Deepen Re­la­tion­ships, De­velop Cre­ativ­ity & Dis­cover In­ner Wis­dom MSI Press • 9781942891246 • nanet­tevhuck­

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How might you con­vince those un­fa­mil­iar with con­cepts like “heart en­ergy” and “higher selves” to ap­proach them with an open mind?

These are just other names for what’s al­ready inside you. When you love some­one, when you feel com­pas­sion, when you feel joy that is heart en­ergy. And when you pon­der some­thing deeply, get in touch with your in­ner wis­dom that is us­ing your Higher Self.

What prac­tices men­tioned in your book have you per­son­ally found most fruit­ful?

When re­lat­ing to oth­ers, when solv­ing prob­lems, when de­vel­op­ing cre­ativ­ity, when try­ing to find in­ner peace – these are all ar­eas where I con­nect with my heart and Higher Self. The book has sto­ries and ex­er­cises to help with this.

What do we most miss when we choose to live apart from our higher selves?

The Higher Self is al­ways there, even when we don’t con­nect. It is part of us. We un­con­sciously use it when we love oth­ers, feel com­pas­sion, and want to help those in need, etc.

When we con­sciously work with it, it can help us so much more, in all the ar­eas of our life. It has the knowl­edge of who we re­ally are, how we can con­nect to wis­dom, and also how we can link to the spirit within.

Do con­cepts like these have height­ened relevance in these tu­mul­tuous times? Why or why not?

Most def­i­nitely. Con­nect­ing to your Higher Self gives you a feel­ing of in­ner peace and calm­ness. It en­ables you to look at chaotic events hap­pen­ing in the world and in­stead of feel­ing sor­row­ful emo­tions, you can feel com­pas­sion for those who are suf­fer­ing. Com­pas­sion and prayer, if it is sent from the heart, is an en­ergy that can go to those peo­ple and com­fort them. It also gives you the abil­ity to know what right ac­tion you can take to help change what is hap­pen­ing, whether it is in your com­mu­nity or in the world.

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