The Michael Dou­glas In­jury

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Michael Dou­glas, Rus­sian oli­garchs and a whole lot of chick­ens (hu­man and other­wise) come home to roost in this week’s quiz. 1. Cir­cas­sian is a lan­guage with: A) 26 words for “chicken.” B) 57 con­so­nants. C) No way of ex­press­ing, “I di­aled the wrong num­ber, but I’m not sure what num­ber I di­aled.” 2. Me­hdi Nem­mouche, the French­man sus­pected of killing four people at the Jewish mu­seum in Brussels, does not want to be sent where? A) Jail. B) Is­rael. C) Hell. 3. Is­raeli Liat Ben Rafael, 28, cu­rates:

A) The pickle se­lec­tion at Kosh­er­Fest.

B) The Im­pres­sion­ist masters collection at the Lou­vre.

C) The Google doo­dle of the day. 4. 40% of Amer­i­cans be­lieve that:

A) Go­ing out­side with wet hair gives you the flu. B) The Bi­ble is the lit­eral record of words spo­ken by God.

C) Red­heads are crazy. 5. Jewish Rus­sian oli­garchs have recorded a three-hour-long: A) Seder. B) Ar­gu­ment about whether it’s “cool” or “dorky” be to be oli­garch.

C) Cover of Leonard Co­hen’s “Hal­lelu­jah.” 6. A kiosk sell­ing Dead Sea cos­met­ics was evicted from a mall in Auck­land, New Zealand for al­legedly:

A) Pass­ing off jars of Fluffer­nut as face firmer.

B) Co­erc­ing an el­derly woman into buy­ing $5,000 in wrin­kle creams.

C) Call­ing a client, “Mrs. Vul­ture Beak.” 7. Michael Dou­glas is re­port­edly suf­fer­ing from: A) A hora-re­lated in­jury. B) Selfie-in­duced hyp­no­tism. C) Dim­ple de­ple­tion.

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