The One With Funky Food

Forward Magazine - - Page Two - NEWS QUIZ BY LENORE SKENAZ Y

Shrimp, Stalin and Gay Pride signs? This could be the strangest Jewish News quiz of them all. Ex­cept... they’re all strange. 1. The­o­ret­i­cal math­e­mati­cian Malka Schaps, Is­rael’s first fe­male ul­tra-Ortho­dox univer­sity dean, grew up:

A) Do­ing trigonom­e­try as a kinder­gartener.

B) With only an abacus in the house.

C) Presbyterian. 2. The Chris­tooza is: A) A cross-shaped mez­zuzah. B) The Hora danced to a Christ­mas carol.

C) A prayer you say be­fore eat­ing shrimp. 3. Wal­mart apol­o­gized for in­clud­ing what item on its web­site?

A) A laun­dry de­ter­gent that turns fab­ric green. B) A Stalin-shaped flower vase. C) A poster of Dachau. 4. Is­raeli Pas­try chef Yossi Sheetrit serves his cheese­cake with: A) Olives. B) Bagel crumbs. C) Chop­sticks. 5. A hid­den perk to be­ing a Lubav­itcher, Rabbi Mordechai Light­stone says, is:

A) You can hide a small wa­ter bot­tle un­der your hat. B) Peo­ple like to talk to you. C) You never have to fig­ure out if you are hip or not.

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