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Holy Taco

1314 Glen­wood Ave., At­lanta, GA 30316 404-230-6177, Good choices: The menu changes fairly fre­quently but any of the dishes men­tioned above, if avail­able, is a good choice. It’s the combo of fla­vors, of­ten pro­vided by sur­pris­ing in­gre­di­ents, that makes much of the food com­pelling. them­selves.”

Robert agreed. “Still,” Robert said, “black men are of­ten fetishized by white men, too. It’s all about the BBD.” “What?” Ri­cardo replied. “Big Black Dick,” Robert said. “BBD is the term used on the In­ter­net.”

Ri­cardo sighed. “Oh, I know what you mean.” He re­minded Robert how a cer­tain bar in the city be­came in­fa­mous for turn­ing out the lights in a back room late one night a week. The pur­pose was pub­lic sex in a vir­tu­ally un­lit en­vi­ron­ment.

“It was ob­vi­ous that a lot of the white men were there to have sex with black men but with­out any need to ac­tu­ally in­ter­act so­cially.”

“Right,” Robert said. “Get some BBD and run out the door. Do Lati­nos en­counter any­thing like that?”

“Not quite as ex­plicit,” he said. “Well, a lot of white men do seem to as­sume ev­ery Latino has twice the fore­skin and three times the pas­sion of ev­ery­one else on the planet.”

“But you do,” Robert said, laugh­ing and reach­ing for Ri­cardo’s pe­nis. “You know,” he said, “I think Holy Taco’s food may be a true aphro­disiac. It’s some of the most sen­sual food in our city.”

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