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“You can’t change the way you are or who you fell in love with … We sup­port Un­cle Poo­dle and all the other poo­dles in the world too.” — TLC re­al­ity star Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson in a state­ment pub­li­cized by the Gay & Les­bian Al­liance Against Defama­tion on Oct. 19, Spirit Day, when peo­ple were en­cour­aged to wear pur­ple to op­pose anti-LGBT bul­ly­ing. Alana’s gay Un­cle Poo­dle, aka Lee Thompson, gave an in-depth in­ter­view to GA Voice in our Oct. 12 is­sue. (GLAAD.org, Oct. 19)

“Be­ing gay in the South, peo­ple don’t like it. Why? You have ho­mo­phobes who want to beat you and bully you and name-call you … I am wear­ing pur­ple to­day to let ev­ery young­ster and teen know that is OK to be who you are. Don’t let no­body change that.” — Lee Thompson, “Un­cle Poo­dle,” in a video for Spirit Day re­count­ing how he had been bul­lied “day in and day out” in school for be­ing gay, but re­mains grate­ful for the sup­port of his fam­ily. (GLAAD.org, Oct. 19)

“Peo­ple al­ways talk about the dou­ble en­ten­dres. There was not one dou­ble en­ten­dre in the mu­sic.” — David “Scar” Hodo, the con­struc­tion worker in the ‘70s band The Vil­lage Peo­ple, in an in­ter­view with other band mem­bers claim­ing songs like “YMCA” and “In the Navy” had no gay mean­ing. (The Sun, Oct. 22)

“I knew that I was a gay boy fairly early; what was in­ter­est­ing to me was that my mother didn’t know. … I said, ‘Mom, I don’t like di­rect sun­light, I don’t like bugs, I don’t like grass, and I’d rather be in the house play­ing with your fab­ric sam­ples.’” — In­te­rior de­sign tele­vi­sion host Nate Berkus, pro­mot­ing “The Things that Mat­ter,” his semi­au­to­bi­o­graph­i­cal book, in an in­ter­view with Joy Be­har. (Huff­in­g­ton­Post.com, Oct. 21)

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