Rev. Dr. Kathi E. Martin

Cre­ator and Ex­ec­u­tive Di­rec­tor of The In­ter­ac­tive Faith Cafe, Inc. www.thein­ter­ac­tive­faith­

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When and how did you come out?

I came out to my­self over 30 years ago when I rec­og­nized my at­trac­tion to women. I came out to my fam­ily about two years later when my mother asked if I was gay. I ini­tially told her I was bi­sex­ual to try to soften the shock. I fully came out to the rest of the com­mu­nity about 17 years ago af­ter leav­ing a de­nom­i­na­tion where I could not serve as my full, au­then­tic self.

How did re­li­gion play a role in you coming out?

I have had a strong be­lief in God through­out my en­tire life. My aware­ness of God helped me through times of abuse, loss, fear and lone­li­ness. I could not un­der­stand how good Chris­tian peo­ple could con­demn me to hell for lov­ing some­one of the same gen­der.

That did not sound like the view of the God who was present with me through life while know­ing my full iden­tity in­clud­ing my sex­ual ori­en­ta­tion. The God that I knew was a God of love, in­clu­sion and lib­er­a­tion. I fully em­braced my­self as a same-gen­der-lov­ing woman be­cause I knew God em­braced me.

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