Rev. Ma­ressa Pen­der­mon

Unity Fel­low­ship Church

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When and how did you come out?

Coming out for me is an on­go­ing process as op­posed to a spe­cific event. I came out to my­self and my ma­ter­nal grand­mother when I was 11 years old. I came out to most of my fam­ily and friends in my 20s.

Then in my 30s I came out to my­self and oth­ers who were in­ter­ested as same-sex at­tracted and un-apolo­get­i­cally Chris­tian. I am 48 years old now and I sus­pect that my jour­ney will take me to places where I will have to come out again and again.

How did re­li­gion play a role in you coming out?

Re­li­gion de­layed my abil­ity to come out pub­licly and to ac­cept my coming out to my­self be­cause my re­li­gion had taught me to hate who I am. I spent sev­eral years try­ing to be straight and/or try­ing to die.

Then my re­la­tion­ship with God com­pelled me to live au­then­ti­cally. It is one thing to be led by the rules of re­li­gion and quite an­other to be led by the Spirit that is Love.

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