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for “Mis­ter Sis­ter” but things changed when we started jamming and she added some of her own lyrics. Her se­cret sauce is to get the melody, get the hook, get the cho­rus and pre-cho­rus and put the lyrics to that. Don’t over­think it— just do it all at once.

It was so much fun and we laughed a lot. Each song had a dif­fer­ent third col­lab­o­ra­tor so I wor­ried about the co­he­sive­ness, but they came to­gether beau­ti­fully in the end.

I was go­ing to ask you next what was it like work­ing with Sia Furler, but it sounds like you re­ally had a great ex­pe­ri­ence.

When I first met her, I didn’t know she was a singer. We were at a birth­day party and we were all re­quired to sing and she got up to sing and I thought, ‘Wow, this girl has a re­ally great voice!’ So we be­came friends be­fore I even knew who she was.

“Mis­ter Sis­ter” is about the strug­gles that peo­ple have who don’t fit gen­der­typ­i­cal roles. I read that there was ac­tu­ally some con­tro­versy from the trans com­mu­nity. What were your thoughts about that?

Con­tro­versy al­ways gen­er­ates more in­ter­est but I didn’t ex­pect for it to be con­tro­ver­sial. It’s also not about a trans­gen­der per­son specif­i­cally but about any­one feel­ing be­trayed by the mir­ror. The Huff­in­g­ton Post mis­quoted me say­ing ‘I hope that this be­comes a trans an­them’—but they put in paren­the­ses ‘gen­der’ and although I wanted to in­clude trans­gen­der, I wasn’t specif­i­cally speak­ing about that. It also means a gay boy or girl—any­one who feels this way. It’s about lov­ing your­self.

At first, I was hurt by the con­tro­versy but it started a di­a­logue about the trans­gen­der move­ment. They of­ten don’t re­ally have a voice and talk­ing about this song was another way for them to be heard. It ended up be­ing a re­ally good thing with over­whelm­ingly pos­i­tive feed­back.

I heard you have some big, gay news of your own?

Yes! My part­ner, Mon­ica [Coleman] and I are get­ting mar­ried! We are plan­ning a Hawai­ian wed­ding. We’re do­ing a sim­ple, beau­ti­ful af­fair with our friends on Au­gust 3.

And it’ll be legally rec­og­nized, so con­grat­u­la­tions!

Thanks! We ac­tu­ally planned the date a long time ago be­fore we knew the Supreme Court would be rul­ing. We were thrilled when we heard it but I was shocked that the de­ci­sion was so close [5-4]. It seems like such an ob­vi­ous civil right. History will not be kind to those who op­posed mar­riage equal­ity.

What are you pas­sion­ate about right now?

Mon­ica and I are both pas­sion­ate about gar- den­ing. We’re very in­ter­ested in the whole farmto-ta­ble move­ment. We’re in­ter­ested in or­ganic and grow­ing your own food. Mon­ica just planted a ton of let­tuce. We’ve been eat­ing sal­ads. We have all kinds of squash and flow­ers and cherry trees. She just made a cherry pie from our trees.

She sounds like a keeper. No won­der you’re go­ing to marry her.

She’s amaz­ing! We’re also pas­sion­ate about an­i­mal rights. We have two dogs, Athena and Zeus. I just auc­tioned off some of my old cos­tumes to raise money for our lo­cal an­i­mal shel­ter, the An­i­mal Emer­gency Fund in Wood­stock. Oh, and we’re also pas­sion­ate about eat­ing [laughs]!

Yes! I’ll be at the Va­ri­ety Play­house in At­lanta on July 17th and the Ge­or­gia Theatre in Athens on the 18th. It’s a home­com­ing for me. At­lanta is my home away from home. Hope­fully, I’ll see a lot of old friends there. It’s go­ing to be a great show. I hope ev­ery­one will come out and see me.

Are you ex­cited to come back to your home turf of At­lanta next week?

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